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The following is the original piece I wrote for CNN last year entrepreneurs, also known as “digital nomads.” Since the whole “Work Online, Travel the World and Live the Dream” angle had been done to death in a million places, I decided to go the other direction and show the dark side of being a digital nomad — the challenges one faces, the emotional pitfalls, the social sacrifices.

Predictably, CNN hated it. The editors hacked it to pieces and asked me to rewrite sections to make it less gloomy. But I was always fond of the original, so I’m posting it here unabridged.

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Good point! There are travel bloggers. Then there are freelancers: coders mainly.


Not one family in amongst that. Being nomadic is easier when you only have 1 person to worry about.


Not saying it’s not doable, some good friends of mine manage it but would have been a better article with 50/50


here people do business from the road (running an IT company, travelling and filming their travelling)